Premium Benguet Arabica

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100% single origin coffee grown in the uplands of Benguet about 1600 meters above sea level. Being situated in high elevations, it’s the perfect climate for arabica coffee cultivation.

This sought after coffee was hailed as the best arabica coffee in the Philippines and previously won the best coffee award in one of the international coffee competitions and said to be on par with world’s known Arabica. (Jamaica’s Blue Mountain and Hawaii’s Kona Coffee)

To ensure premium quality, these coffee cherries are mostly processed naturally. Premium Benguet Arabica beans are manually selected, hand-picked and sun-dried by our hard working coffee farmers.

☕ Taste Profile
Premium Benguet Arabica coffee has a full bodied flavor with a perfect balance of acidity and alluring sweet citrus, fruity, nutty and some hints of floral coffee taste that will surely give your taste buds a pleasurable coffee experience. 
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